Friday, May 25, 2012

A Middle School Student

It's official - I am the mom of a Middle School Student. I know...I've aged well.

Today, was Shelby's very emotional last day of elementary school. I cannot believe that it has been over six years since I packed up my little four year old's backpack to start her first day at kindergarten.

And this morning I shipped off a much older, more mature, young lady to her last day of fifth grade.
Please excuse me a minute I need to find the Kleenexes. I never used to believe people when they said that time will fly and pretty soon your daughter will be all grown up. I know I am not packing her up to go to college, but still I am not sure if I am ready for Junior High.

Today was also Shelby's fifth graduation - it was actually more like fifth grade awards.

My wonderful dear daughter was recognized in the following areas.
          She was a news anchor for W.J.C.B. - The Bobcat News Station
          She was recognized for being an Egg Safety Specialist - meaning her egg never broke in the egg drop.
          She was recognized for Superior Excellence in Her Exemplary Conduct
          She was recognized for Superior Excellence in Her Core Values for Responsibility

Shelby also received recognition of Outstanding Citizenship and she received the President's award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

I would say that is pretty good outcome for Shelby's somewhat tough fifth grade year.
Shelby and her homeroom teacher

I was happy to see that her teacher had them do a time capsule for this year. On the first day of school, August 23rd they filled out their likes and dislikes.

Person I most admire: in August she answered God (proud mom) and today she answered Dad.
Hardest Subject: in August she answered Math and today she answered Social Studies
Easiest Subject: in August she answered Reading and today she answered Reading
Entertainer: in August she answered Amy Winehouse (giggles) and today she answered One Direction
Food: in August she answered Chocolate (which is odd because she can't stand chocolate) and today she answered Chiken (her spelling, not mine).

Shelby and her Science/Social Studies Teacher

Shelby held it together until we walked out for the door for the last time, then the tears came. She cried as we walked across the field as she did every afternoon. She was sad that it was all over and even though she would see all her friends again in the fall, it's sad to know you will be away from them for three months.

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