Friday, May 18, 2012

May I Brag?

I need to just a moment to brag about my oldest daughter. We are just seven days away from Shelby being a Junior High student (that is still shocking) and yesterday I sat in her school cafeteria and watched as she was awarded one of the top honors for her school - The Bobcat Worth Bragging About award. Two students from each class were select by their teachers for this award.

Here is what Shelby's teacher wrote about this honor:

There are three reasons I chose this student to be a "Bobcat Worth Bragging About":

1. Shelby entered my class as one shy young lady, and MY, MY, that has changed! She entertained us this year in the talent show as both a dancer AND a soloist. She has come out of her comfort zone and brought others so much JOY!

2. Shelby's leadership is observed by all at Binion, for she now serves as a newscaster during announcements. This is yet another example of her "coming out of her shell" and BLOOMING!

3. Shelby is loving and sweet to all her peers and is respectful of her teachers. She has been exceptionally responsible, as she has NEVER ONCE forgotten her classroom leadership role with ASPIRE!

I am honored to be Miss Duff's teacher. 

Please don't let the pictures fool you, she was very excited to get this award, but really not thrilled that her mother made her pose with her certificate and t-shirt. Also, I think she was a little embarrassed that her mom was the only one who whipped out her big camera for the event. All I had to say to her about that was "You will be thankful for these pictures when you get older my dear."

Oh, that child drives me crazy and it took much effort to get her through elementary school, but I love her so much and I am SO PROUD OF HER!

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