Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh No, Don’t Pull Your Sister’s Hair

Today I am catching up and linking up with Kelly’s Korner's series Show Us Your Life. This past week it was Show Us Your Life – Mom of All Girls. 

This time last year I found out I was carrying another baby girl, I turned to JAG and said “I am so sorry honey.” I was sorry, but I wasn’t – I wanted another girl so bad and at the same time felt a little sad for my husband who was officially outnumbered!

I prayed for both of my girls. With Shelby I prayed from a blue eyed baby girl and I got her. Then with Bekah I was on the fence and prayed for a healthy baby adding “if you want to make that healthy baby a girl I wouldn’t mind a bit.”

You see I was made to be the mother to girls – I don’t know any different.  My mother had only girls and my maternal grandmother (Meme) had only girls. Growing up I was surrounded by girls – I did have boy cousins, but I didn’t play GI Joe with them or anything – I did try to kiss one, but that is a story for another day. 

I love everything about being the mother of girls – even the hormonal pre-teen period Shelby is currently going through. She tests me every single day by slamming doors and raising her voice, but then she is back to her sweet self – you have to love the hormones. 

I have been blessed with the age difference in my daughter’s – yet I don’t think I will put that much space between kids again. I like having one I can shop for shoes with and one that I can teach to play paddy cake. I love the bond the two of them already have and look forward to seeing their special relationship grow. 

And you never know…I might add a boy to the mix someday (not anytime soon Mom, don’t worry) or maybe another beautiful girl!

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  1. I have two girls as well, and was just THRILLED when we found out #2 was a girl. I love being a girl mom too!


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