Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! 

I had so many plans for today’s post, since is the first time I am sharing my menu plan and linking up with Organizing Junkie. I was going to share about how Shelby and I spent four hours on Saturday waiting patiently in line to me Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  I wrote this entire entry over and over again in my head while waiting in that line, too. 

Well, in typical me fashion, I have lost my USB cord that goes with my small digital camera. I know I put it somewhere and probably said “I am going to put this right here so it doesn’t get lost.” Don’t you just hate that!

So all my memories are stuck until I find the cord – which I will do this evening and then share with you our entire story tomorrow. I just know in the process of looking I will find the twenty things that were misplaced last week. Hmmm…kind of ironic that I talking about losing things and missing things on the day I am linking with a blog called Organizing Junkie. Yeap, I need to do some serious reading. 

Anyway, on to the menu planning. 

JAG and I decided in December that 2012 was going to be the year of the budget. We were going to make it and stick to it and even use a snazzy little program so we could see where our money was going. In January I sat in front of our program (we are using and analyzed December. We spent $450 eating out in December. Yeap. Now, my husband does travel for business and that was included (his dining out), but still it was a bad month. That is when I vowed that we will eat at home! 

So to end the rambling I chose to link-up so that I can share and receive ideas from others. Menu planning is the key to all sanity in my house – our schedules are crazy 98% of the time. 

Here is what we are eating this week. 


Thursday: Left overs or Sandwiches (Shelby is out this night, so it’s just me and JAG).

Since I am not a food blogger or a creative person in the kitchen I have linked the recipes above with their original source – just click away. (click on the items above)

If you need other ideas for planning your weekly menu – which I strongly suggest that you do- head on over to Organizing Junky:

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