Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dear Bekah

Dear Bekah,

Today you turned six months old and sent mommy searching for your pause button. I am so not ready for you to be a big girl. I still cannot believe how fast time passes. This week daddy and I took you to the doctor, not for your check-up, but because you have your first ear infection. We did get a peak at your weight - 18 pounds!

Even sick, you are still the happiest baby. You can now sit up by yourself and have learned to travel by rolling and scooting yourself across the floor. I don't think mommy is prepared for you to start crawling - time to baby proof the house!

You are a great eater - no surprise there. Your new favorite is Sweet Potatoes, Corn and Apples all mixed together. This week you got your first sippy cup, but you really are not sure about the idea of sipping anything.

Everyday we watch Sesame Street - you are in love with Elmo, but your favorite activity is just rolling around on the floor. You have developed a fascination with paper - pretty much you tear it up and then try to sick  it into your mouth. You do this with all paper, but really do love the Church Bulletin on Sunday morning.

As I sit here and type you are fast asleep in your swing and I am overwhelmed with emotion. We are so blessed. You have help us to grow and helped us to slow down. We love you so much!

Denim dress is a hand-me-down that Shelby wore when she was 6 months old. Sister's got you beat, Bekah, in the hair department. Man...10 years passes so quickly, too!

If my camera battery had not died I would have had more pictures and if I would breakdown and learn photoshop, then I could put eyes on this one...I love it!

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