Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catching up: Swinging Into Spring

Yesterday, I shared this picture with you as a part of my InstaFriday post. It was taken on March 23rd (yeap I am that behind).

After this was taken I went on one of those crazy tangents that I thought only happened with the first born child. I was on a mission to get my baby a swing for the backyard.

I probably should have shopped around and I possibly spent too much at Toys R’ Us, but it was one of those had to have items (see tangent). Did you know they come in pink now? I feel bad for the future son we will have, he will have live with his sister’s all pink hand me downs.

So I put JAG to work hanging it in the most perfect spot.

Then we plopped her in and the two of us proceed to become those parents that we never thought we would be – standing in the backyard clapping our hands and saying “weeee” with high pitched voices.

Bekah loves it and we love that! I hope the North Texas summer isn’t to awful so that we can spend many many hours swinging!

Since today is Saturday…here is your song.

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