Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy Friday! Here is a run down of our week Instagram style!

St. Patrick's day nap for Bekah. I love how she sticks her toes out for the afghan.

Just another reason why I have 500 plus pictures on my phone - I love this face!

Daily devotionals after dinner. 

We did a lot of this this week! She is determined to sit up every chance she gets. 

We are slowly adding new handles and draw pulls in the kitchen. They aren't the cheap ones so we add a few at a time - Shelby is free labor. 

Can you believe we are about five months away from Middle School - I am so not ready! 
Have you seen the American Girl books? We love them!

One of Bekah's favorite things to do these days is pull her sisters hair. 

Floor time with sister!

Take a quick nap on mommy's bed while she works.

Cuteness Overload! I love that girl...and that guy too!

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