Saturday, February 4, 2012


I start my day quarantined to the master bedroom and if I do what the doctor’s says I will be for the next 13 hours. 

You see I have strep, again. The day after Christmas as the first to have this awful…is it sickness…virus…I know it’s not disease. Let’s call it virus because I think that is what it is. Anyway the last I had it I let fester and get all blown up because I really wasn’t sure what it was. All I knew was I was running a fever and grabbing a pillow to squeeze everytime I swallowed. 

Have you ever had strep throat? I have never had it, not even as a child. My children also have never had it. When someone would say “oh he has strep throat” I would think “oh poor thing has a sore throat.” Was I ever wrong – no one told me that I would be curled up in a fetal position with a fever trying to grasp something with every swallow which happened in two minute intervals. Why is that? Why is it when you can’t do something of shouldn’t do something your body wants to do it all the time – do we really produce that much saliva? Eww…I can’t stand saliva…I don’t like to hear the dogs licking their paws and I never share something like a popsicle with Shelby…ewe. When I was younger I knew people who share gum – yuck!
Ok I  am wandering  back to my point. I am sick and am supposed to stay in bed all day. As you are probably assuming this means that JAG is a full-time single dad to two kids. I keep apologizing and asking if he is mad. I know he can do it, but since I am one of those don’t ask for help kind of women I have to explain where things like where clean onesies are and what Bekah eats for breakfast. I am fine with that.

You see after two kids I am no longer one of those people who long to just lay in bed all day – I have too much to do. I had my entire day planned out in my head and it included house cleaning – lots of it. Also assisting JAG in putting the Christmas decorations in the attic from the garage so I don’t break my neck, but today I am stuck her…in bed.

During my last quarantine I watched all of my favorite movies and I have no strong feeling to watch them again so I guess I will read if I can get my headache to go away. I have to read a chapter for the women’s bible study class I am co-leading and I have the first Hunger Games book to read. Have you read it? Also as I glance over to the nightstand I notice I started a bible ready planning on January 1st and my bookmark rests now on January 13th.

If I get tired reading I can Pin!!! I have you become addicted to pinterest yet? I need to start planning Shelby’s valentines for her class. Also I have decided after taking Bekah to her first birthday party last weekend that she will have a Pumpkin Party! She was born in October and we call her Punkin,  so it kind of fits – which means a new board! I also need to plan my menu for next week!

So, it looks like I have a lot to do from my bed today, so maybe I can handle hearing the world going on around me while I am stuck in here. I will pull open the drapes, let the sunshine in and countdown…I am already almost down to 12 hours…see what blogging can do?

I should really blog more…I am not sure what my issue is or why I feel I can’t blog without a picture to go with was easy…open up the computer and type. That is what I need to give my blog…just words – just my thoughts on paper. I usually type for you the reader, I think I don’t want to bore you and I want it to be blog appropriate. As of today that will end (I hope you don’t mind) and I will blog for me and for my daughters – since they are the reason I started in the first place.

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