Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today is my Meme’s 89th Birthday. It is another one of  those bitter-sweet days. I could sit here and list out the 89 things I miss and love so dearly about her, but I have done enough crying this week. 

I think every year since her disease reared its ugly head I have missed her cards most. You could always count on a Meme card in the mailbox for your birthday and other holidays. I always wished for them to have money – they never did. Now I cherish the ones I have because they have her…all of the God Bless you and Meme loves you sentiments – urgh…now I am crying. I lectured my mom this morning on not getting emotional and now look at me. 

On this my Meme’s 89th birthday here are all the posts I have written about her through the years. Oh man how I love this woman and miss her so much!

You can read about the day in 2010 when I was just overwhelmed by my grandmother’s disease and I also included the Alzheimer’s prayer: HERE

When I cried during Shelby’s baptism because I knew how proud my Meme would be: HERE

My debate on whether I should get genetic Alzheimer’s testing: HERE

Her 88th Birthday: HERE

Begging for Just Five Minutes of Clarity: HERE

The Visit that Means the World to Me: HERE

I know it’s hard and I know it’s sad, but I am blessed beyond belief for every moment of clarity I have had with her over the past 4 years. I am also blessed with the years I had before – the long talks and the lessons I have learned. I am lucky beyond all measure. 

Last year in the middle of my pregnancy we lost my Meme’s best friend Fran. At the time I could not bring myself to write anything about her and their long friendship. It may be hard to understand, but I was relieved that Meme didn’t know  -that she didn’t have to feel the pain of losing her best friend. 

I have years and years of fond memories of Fran – since I was always the tag-a-long at their events and lunches. I believe Fran was at my graduation and I know she was there for baby shower with Shelby. She was always like another grandmother. 

I am so happy that Meme had a true friend to the end with Fran and I cherish the memories they have left for me in pictures from all their travels. 

Now that I have fully depressed you please remember to tell the people you love that you love them and please please please live your life to its fullest…I know these two beautiful women have! 

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