Monday, January 23, 2012

Shelby’s Journey to Braces

***Warning if you have issues with mouths, tongues and teeth this might not be the post for you

Last week we ended our seven month journey that started with this

One day last year Shelby said that her mouth hurt and she showed me how she had a tooth that she said was growing into the top of her mouth.  I knew the day would come – Shelby needed braces. Our dentist said it was going to happen soon – it was inevitable since all the years of breathing  through her mouth had caused her to have a small upper pallet and her teeth were running out of room. 

First Step – Pull Teeth that were in the way. 

Second Step – spacers – little blue plastic pieces that were put in between her teeth. 

Third Step – Pallet Separator – which included adjustments twice a week. 

Then finally last week the time had come – Braces.

Things are good so far. She had some mild pain the second day and she is learning what she can easily. 

Can someone please tell me how I documented my child's life before my iphone? I took all of these with my phone and have 300+ more pictures of her and Bekah - I am sure I will exceed my storage limit someday. 

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