Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question for the Mothers

I feel like I love my husband more because of this adorable baby.
Is that normal?

I look at her and get all giddy – look what we did! She is looking more and more like JAG – at least I think so. Her personality is bursting at the seams and I am in love with her. It’s true – you don’t love one child more than the other – your heart grows. There are times where I feel more relaxed with the child that cannot speak yet and on the other hand I still have a blast with my tween (or so she calls herself). 

At times motherhood is so overwhelming and I get stressed. I find myself drinking white wine out of a red wine glass or hell straight out of the bottle, but then I wake up the next morning to two smiling happy girls and realize that it is so worth it. 

Things have started to settle we are in a routine. Bekah started daycare yesterday (for just two days a week). I thought I would come out of the center with mascara streaming down my face, but that was not the case – I did feel a small tug at my heart, but sucked it up. That is the benefit of a second child – I know she will still be there at 5:30 pm and she would be happy to see me. Today she has a slight cough – I am getting ready for her to get sick – don’t all kids get sick during the first month of daycare? 

Tomorrow Shelby and I go to pick out her instrument for band – Junior High Band. Can someone please tell me how my baby girl (which she will always be) is going to be in Junior High next year? Seriously! She will be a locker using socializing with eighth graders Junior High student – Yikes!!!

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