Thursday, January 12, 2012

Losing It – My Hair

The view I have while working.
The big tree in the backyard lost its final leaf of the year – it’s depressing.

Want to know what else is depressing? Hair loss. I have heard that it is normal to lose your hair after giving birth, but I do not remember losing this much with Shelby. I think this has something to do with my PCOS as well – read about it here.
I just keep hearing Male Patterned Baldness in my head (one of the symptoms of PCOS). I think I feel worse it now that I have seen the picture! I quickly ran and grabbed my pre-natal vitamins – which I haven’t been taking. 

I could probably make wig with all the hair I lose on a daily basis in the shower, in my hair brush…as I am driving down the road – seriously I looked down and I was covered in hair I had lost. 

It’s so depressing. Does it come back again once my hormones settle? Or should I request a catalog from Paula Young fashion wigs. Meh!!!


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