Monday, December 12, 2011

Road Trip Weekend

It’s the Monday morning after a road trip weekend there are no sounds in my house except Bekah’s swing and the washing machine.
I am tired and a little sore from being stuck in the car with my knees hitting the dashboard – fun times traveling with an infant car seat and a tall husband. Thank goodness for the black trash bag I had stashed in the car we needed it about an hour into our road trip – poor Shelby.
We packed up the minivan on Friday for Bekah’s first road trip South. We headed to Houston for my cousin, Philip’s wedding.
While we were there we got to see my parents, my aunts and my cousins. The wedding was beautiful and after Barbara’s passing I needed to see my family – I needed to give hugs.
My Rebekah met her namesake my Aunt Becky (Rebecca).
Bekah partied hard at the wedding. She some serious smiling then she passed out.
Don’t worry…I know this is a boring post – there should be pictures, but it’s lost…my digital camera is gone. MEH!!! I have done the where did I have it last search. It should be in my purse or the diaper bag, but it’s in neither. I bet I left at my in-laws.
Speaking of I do have a picture from the trip on my iphone! We will call this what happens at Gramm’s house while she is gone!!! 

Watching TV  in Gramm’s bed with no clothes on.

Yeap we are Crazy Like That!

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