Friday, December 2, 2011

Me? Unorganized?

Last night I spent time organizing Shelby’s school notebook, again. I took the much needed opportunity to get out the house alone and get her some snazzy pocket dividers that will not fall apart next week. I labeled and sorted until everything was perfect.
You see Shelby has been having organization issues lately – like losing her homework.  It’s been very frustrating for me and JAG. During our daily discussion about Shelby earlier this week JAG suggested that we lead by example. There are many areas in our house that need organization he said. WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT WILLIS?!?! My defense wall went up – I am not Unorganized! Of Course, JAG quickly dropped it by saying, well I need to clean up somethings.
Yesterday I walk into the kitchen which has become my office while working from home – I gasped. Muah? Me? Oh NO it’s true! I mean look at my kitchen table! It had been like this for days – we have just been pushing things out the way to eat. 

In case you are concerned for my poor husband – I did clean everything off the table including the fall table cloth before he returned home from work last night. We ate dinner as a family on a clean table.  I guess JAG speak the truth – I hate it when that happens.
Now on to me new find!
Oh, it’s quickly becoming a favorite – I bookmarked it – which mean something! I am slowly working my way back through and getting to know Liz. You should go check her out! Click the link above.
Have a great Friday everyone!  Tonight I am taking one step closer to getting the spirit of the season by taking the girl to see Santa. Fun Times!

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