Monday, November 28, 2011

Where do Darth Vader and Pocahontas Snuggle?

Well on my Christmas tree of course!

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! Do you have the same “urgh” feeling that I do returning to work this morning? Don’t you wish we could just have a month long holiday that would start on Thanksgiving and end after Christmas?
Thanks to my in-laws I did get our Christmas tree up over the weekend. So far it’s just my tree and our Christmas stockings. I am stuck in a major Bah-Hum-Bug state of mind. I go into the garage, open a box, look at the decorations and think, “not today.” I am planning on cracking open The Purpose of Christmas written by Rick Warren this afternoon – hopefully that will help with my Christmas spirit. 

How was your Thanksgiving? This year JAG and I hosted his family. It was wonderful – a little stressful, but wonderful to have family here this year. I realized just how small my kitchen is and how I really miss having a dining room.   

On Friday we were treated by JAGdad to a hockey game – Dallas Star and the Toronto Maple Leaves. We took Bekah and Shelby with us. I was pretty stressed about taking an eight week old to a huge arena surround by beer drinking scream hockey fans, but it actually was much easier then I thought. The noise drowned out her crying during the third period, but that was short lived when the screams of fans scared her so badly that she stuck her bottom lip out – then this momma said it’s time to head home. 

Shelby had a blast at her first Hockey game especially since she had her uncle and grandfather there to fill her in on the rules. 

I pretty much had a blessed Thanksgiving. Speaking of blessed – look at these girls! I am so blessed to be their mother – love them so much!

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