Monday, November 14, 2011

What Ten Years Taught Me

If there is one thing I have learned in the past ten years is how fast ten years flies by.
One minute they place my first child in my arms then I blinked and we are “debating” over what is appropriate to wear to school.
Knowing this sad fact about life I really really wish I had a camcorder attached to my forehead so that I could capture every second of Bekah’s life right now. I don’t want to forget her expressions and the sounds she makes and how tiny her little hands really are.  I have also found that she smiles the largest cutest smiles – until you fumble for the camera – then she stops.  
The other day Shelby became jealous when she realize my phone was filled with pictures of Bekah – it is normally the closest device to me.
Here are some memories I have captured recently.
Holding her Bottle

Binky Face

After Work Nap with Daddy
Happy Girl in the Tub

The Reason She was In the Tub - ewwww
Milk Coma
Happy Girl

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