Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Last night after dinner we created our yearly Thankful Tree. This is a tree – made from construction paper – that will fill with leaves of thankfulness. 

This year I put more effort into the tree and the leaves – last year was a mess – see it here.
America and Ancient Things were not listed on this year’s tree, but we did have things like cookies and cake listed.
The Care & Support we’ve received – we are oh so thankful.
Friends – I love you all!
Dr. Sak – that one was from Bekah. She was also thankful for Tummy Time and Moo-k (otherwise known as milk). 

Crazy Dogs – I am a little less thankful this morning, but as the day progresses it may get better. 

Shelby chimed in that she was so so thankful for “mommy not being pregnant.” Poor girl.
What are you and your family thankful for this year?

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