Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still There?

I am surprised I still have readers since I have taken a complete break from blogging for the past two weeks. I haven’t typed a line and I have barely looked at anyone else’s blog. What can I say, but I am so pregnant right now and just want to sleep. I have been watching too much bad tv and not drinking enough water.

So I guess I should catch you up some.

Shelby got back from her trip seeing JAGdad and MomaB. She had fun after all the drama was over.

Then I had the most beautiful shower at church put on my four fairy godmothers. (do you capitalize the G in godmothers?) The shower was so me and I had a blast.

I loved this quote!

My feet are still swollen, one more than the other and I have 6 weeks to go!!! Only six more weeks – JAG is in official denial and I am overly ready to get her here.

North Texas is awful right now – it’s too hot for everyone especially pregnant women. Next time we are going to have a Winter baby.

I promise to keep you updated more!

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