Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogging Dream

One of my biggest blogging dreams to be a food blogger. To tour places like the Betty Croker Studios on invitation and get boxes of things given to me from companies like Tollhouse and Kitchen Aid.

I spent most of yesterday drooling over this food blog that I found on another food blog.

This led me running back to the woman who I consider the queen of all food blog, Ree Drummond and her Pioneer Woman Blog. Which lead me on a trip to half priced books for a used copy of When Harry Met Sally, but that is a topic for another day – today it is about food.

Why do I love food blogs so much? Besides being 7 months pregnant and feeling like I want to lick the computer screen with every mouse click – its inspiration. My daily motivation to get my butt out of the fast food line and actually crank up the oven – even though it is 106 lately in North Texas – urgh!

My Granny started my cooking obsession at a young age when Melinda and I would spend summers alone trying to recreate taco bell recipes, but we would wind up just making ourselves ill and leaving a huge mess for our mother.

Then in my twenties I was introduced to the woman who brought it all back to me – Paul Deen. I stalked her for years – still do. I went to book signings and bought every cookbook and magazine she published. One a sad note – just last week my very first Paula Deen cookbook was “read” by my three dogs – this tearing up crap is getting on my pregnant nerves!

I was lucky to fall in love with and marry a fellow foodie – is that luck or punishment for the both of us, since we can’t seem to ever make it through a week of dieting without baking (or buying) something sweet.

Yes it is true that I do have a food blog.

But I have not posted anything since October 2010 – slacker!

I do though still cook some and sometimes I photograph it to share with you.
Paula Deen's pound cake with fresh Strawberries.

I do realize that when I become I full fledged food blogger that my quick snaps with the iphone will not cut it – have you see the pictures on food blogs? Hello, pictures are the main reason I spend hours on there and am starving by the time I finally close the window.

Yesterday I daydreamed about how much baking and cooking and inventing I will get to do while I am at home with Bekah – then it dawned on me that I will be the mother of an infant – I keep forgetting that. I think she will just come out at the age of 10 walking and talking and playing independently.

I really do hope to continue the task of working my way through Paula’s first cook book – I just have to buy another one. Also, I hope to fill-in with new things – things maybe I create myself with beautiful pictures since I will have all this imaginary spare time to use the camera my father gifted to me.

Here are some other food blogs I love:

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