Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Shelby Story

I tell you these things so that I don’t forget the silly laughable situations that Shelby produces. Also, so that when she is a mother I can say “you did that.” Sometimes the stories can be a bit TMI and will probably embarrass Shelby in the future, but I guess this is my way of keeping it real with posts regarding my crazy child.

Yesterday sometime after 7 pm I received a phone call from my daughter. She is staying with JAG’s parents for a week.

S: Ummm Mommy I am in the bathroom and I have a question.

First thought – ok here we go, she started her cycle, but nope that was not the issue.

S: I went poo and I wanted to know if you have been poo in this potty before.

I had to think and said I don’t remember

S: I am afraid to flush. I think I am going to clog it.

M: You will not clog it Shelby just flush.

S: Nooo…has JAG used it before?

M: I am sure he has Shelby.

S: Did he clog it?

M: I don’t know. Urgh…I will call him

Add JAG on conference.

M: Shelby has a question.

S: JAG have you poo’d in this potty before


S: Have to clogged it before?

Laughing – uncontrollable (me)

J: Shelby flush the commode.
S: They don’t have a plunger in here.

M: But Shelby you don’t even know if you clogged it yet.

J: Flush it now Shelby.

M: We will stay on the phone with you.

Commode flushes.

M: See you are all good.

M: Big sigh…I know he was probably thinking “what did I get into with these girls.”

M: Still laughing – Did you wipe good?

S: Yes, I wiped me derriere perfectly fine.

The girl keeps me laughing – she sure can make things a bigger drama then what they are. I love her so much! Poor JAG…I am brewing another one too – I hope maybe she won’t be as dramatic as her older sister.

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