Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Buy Used

I cringe every time JAG and I walk through the doors of a major bookseller, like Barnes and Noble. My husband can read and our library is proof of that fact. It is normal for my family to purchase at least four books a month, sometimes many more. Four books brand new and full-price can get pretty pricey that is why we have fallen in love with Half Priced Books. Don’t I sound like a commercial?

I love it there. Now I have to say that only seldomly do I find a new release or one of the “it” books of the month, but I do find treasure that out weigh all of that.

For instance this week I about jumped up and down in the clearance section – which is the first place I go. I found What to Expect the First Year for $3. Then Stormie Ormartian’s The Power of a Praying Wife for $2 and one of my favorite ladies, Elizabeth George’s A Woman’s Walk with God for $2. Any time I see anything by Elizabeth George I pick it up. Her books are easy reads and they are always awesome to pass along to others – same goes for The Power of a Praying Wife.

Of course I jumped all over the $6 copy of a Mom After God’s Own Heart since I fell in love with A Woman and A Wife after God’s Own Heart. Seriously, I HIGHLY recommend anything by Elizabeth George.

So my normal pattern in any Half Price Books store is hit the clearance, then hit the Religious section looking at the relationship books and always with out fail looking at the bibles. If you were to walk into my house you would say, “Dana, you have more than enough bibles,” but I look for one specific and last night I found it – The Starting Point Study Bible. This is the best bible ever, but it is out of print – this where JAG says “well if it is the best bible ever they would not have stopped printing it.” Let me clarify – it is the best bible for new or re-committed believers and I do not believe that there are any on the market currently like it therefore I snag every copy I can find not for my personal use because I have one – it’s 10 years old and the schnauzer’s ate a chapter last year, but I still love it. I pick them up to pass them along. Without sounding like a commercial for a first start or a fresh start everything you need is in this bible. There are answers to questions most new believers have and tons of study information. I LOVE it!

This week the one I picked up was extra special because inside the front cover was a letter from Pastor Andy McQuitty at Irving Bible Church. If you don’t know that was my home church for many many years – I quickly showed JAG and Shelby…Shelby was more excited about the JAG. I was one happy camper – it was meant to be – I needed that bible and now exactly who it is going to.

Half Price Books also has unique things that Shelby’s purchase – Dress Up Dana dolls! Hello!!! We had to get them! She spent most of the night asking “what do you want me to dress you in now Mommy?”

I am not knocking the big chains, but if I have an option I would rather by from Half Price Books, thrift stores or garage sales.

All my picture were taken with my iphone...hence the crudiness.

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