Monday, May 2, 2011

A Mother’s Love

My mom told me the other day the when you have your second child your heart expands. You do not love your first child any less, your heart grows to love you second child just as much. She explained to me that each of my children would be different and I would love each differently – I believe her since her daughters are like night and day.

I just couldn’t imagine loving any person more then I love Shelby. This really hit home when I received this an early mother’s day present from her on Saturday.

Let me translate for you…especially since my picture isn’t great.

Across the top it says “Happy Mother’s Day Secretly.”

Then it says

“My heart would break without you”

“The world would be horrid without you”

“Our family would be lonely and hopeless without you”

“Love Shelby You are the best person for us”

I think that JAG helped with spelling, but the feelings are all from my beautiful daughter. I love her!

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