Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happiness: Old Friends

The day Shelby started daycare when she was roughly 3 months old she made her first friend – we will call him C.

Shelby and C at the age of 4
C and Shelby were inseparable. About a year later, I think, they added E to their group and the three of them were the best of friends. Unfortunately, right before the age of 5 Shelby moved to a private school to start kindergarten leaving behind her two best friends.

Shelby, C and E at the age of 4...maybe 5

C, Emma and Sassy Pants (Shelby) at Shelby's 5th Birthday Party

Where is the happiness you ask?

This past weekend we met up with C again!!! I wouldn’t say it was like old times because it had been almost 5 years since they had seen each other, but I think that C’s mom and I have rekindled the friendship (at least the mothers have) and we hope to spend much more time with C.
Shelby and C Today

Also, just so you know - we are on a search (some what stalker search) for E's mother. It is our mission to get all three of them back together again.

I am sharing my happiness on Leah vs. Laundry – go see all the other happy people at her blog.

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  1. Sounds like a fun idea. It's good to reconnect with old friends...young and less young.



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