Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Had Enough

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There was panic in my house late yesterday afternoon when pictures like this where flashing on the television screen. I had told JAG countless times that I cannot stand when he travels to Oklahoma especially during full-out tornado season. Luckily, I had Nicole to lean on. She was less then 5 minutes from where JAG was staying so she was giving me the information I needed on where and how bad things where.

JAG and I were texting constantly. I was mainly saying “I don’t like this” over and over again along with “my mom said you are not allowed to go to Oklahoma again!” Even after I received the “all is clear” text I stayed glued to the Weather Channel as they showed scenes of people walking around flattened houses. It was so so sad. Of course even though I sent Shelby to her room countless times she was right there next me just with her nerves in a ball just as bad as mine. She asked “is that their house?” and then said “oh that’s just terrible.”
Taken by my friend Kay

It seemed like no time had passed at all and it was our turn in North Texas. My child flipped possibly replaying the scenes of flatten houses she had just witnessed. She paced and cried while repeating “you don’t know what to do, you haven’t been through this before.” I started tornado mode. I cleared everything out of our safe spot (which unfortunately is a hallway). I piled blankets and pillows and pulled water bottles from the fridge. Shelby grabbed Jack-Jack the hamster and put his cage on the floor covered by a blanket so Moby wouldn’t flip. I found our only flashlight, turned up the TV and grabbed the laptop. Oh, and I also grabbed two bibles. During all this I took phone calls from JAG and my mother. I remember saying “I don’t know” a lot. I knew they tracked the tornado just north of us – just north meaning right up the street. JAG said to crack at least one window of course this freaked out over-achiever cracked three – just in case – which had me crawling on the table (more on that latter). With three windows cracked and siren blaring I snuggled in the hall with Shelby, Moby, Jack-Jack and Duke close by – poor Gus passed out under a table from all the excitement.

There was no rain, no hail, just silence and then one BIG blow that rattled the doors in the hallway then the sun came out. I told Shelby “the sun is out” and she responded “Halleluiah, praise the Lord!” We emerged from the hall checked the animals and noticed that Mother Nature re-arranged all our patio furniture. I made phone calls and sent text messages, and then the hail started. Nothing major though, nothing as bad as what my friend got just 5 minutes away.

Needless to say I have had enough with these early Summer storms.  Shelby slept with me last night and I was so happy she did even though that girl is crazy in her sleep. This morning we awoke to my neighbor’s fallen tree.

And in our house the only fatality was the glass on my kitchen table…my bottom has gotten heavier then I thought…I wonder how much that is going to cost to replace? Anyone know any good glass people?

Leave it to Shelby to find something pretty after an awful night.

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