Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let Me Catch You Up

Sorry that I have been a stranger – life has been busy!

First off Shelby had her adenoids removed last Friday. She was nervous, but oh my big grown up girl did great.

I have to say I love Cook’s Children’s  hospital. They were wonderful – I want to have surgery there. They made Shelby feel so comfortable. They made sure to question everything  - we had multiple nurses come in to verify what she was having done and see if we had any questions – Shelby felt like a star. Twenty minutes before her surgery they administered the “goofy juice.”

After a bit she looked over and said “Mommy you are so pretty.” I knew then the goofy juice had kicked in full force. She kept saying “I don’t feel silly,” but she was sure was acting silly.

When she woke up it was a completely different story. She was mad and moody. She kept asking what she was doing there and throwing herself on the bed. The nurse told me that girl respond differently – especially the older ones – all their moodiness comes out. That little toot turned to me and said “Mommy you look so ugly.” I just rolled my eyes and told her to go back to sleep.

So far she is recovering just fine even though I would prefer that she would rest more – she is always going – I miss the Shelby that used to nap.

The following Monday Shelby, JAG and I went for my sonogram appointment. JAG was in awe – he was surprised all the thing you could see – the bladder, kidney’s and spine.

Let me back up a second. During the prior week Shelby and I consulted the Magic Eight Ball. Shelby asked “is mommy going to have a girl?” and the Eight Ball responded “most definitely.” And do you know what?

That Magic Eight Ball was RIGHT!!!

We learned the little being inside of me is our Rebekah Genevieve Bahn! I was so excited, but quickly turned to my husband and said “oh honey I am so sorry.” He really wanted a son. I’ve known for awhile that she was a girl – I sensed it and they say that a mother can normally since those things or I think it was 70% chance – something like that.

I think that JAG is meant to be a father of girls. I could us having two more after this one! I love girls – I am meant to be a mother of girls! Not that I wouldn’t have been happy to have a boy – because you never know…they could have read the sonogram wrong.

Tuesday was Shelby’s big day – her 2nd First day of Fourth grade! I have to say she did awesome! She has surprised me with her lack of drama and her resilience to the entire situation. This morning she thanked me for finding her a good school.

With all of this I am reminded again how I am blessed. Blessed beyond belief.

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