Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lots of Randomness for Tuesday

I about slammed into the woman in front of me this morning in the drop of lane at Shelby’s school. I have to say that the process of dropping Shelby off each morning can really get my road rage going. First, I think if it takes your little sweet heart five minutes to get out of the car then maybe parking would be a better option.

This morning miss impatient got out of line because we had a slow poke getting out the car in front of us. She cuts and gets in the front. Then, THEN…it took and I am not kidding at least 3 minutes for her child to get out of the car. Since I made it a point to pull right up on her to show her “you cut” I was stuck as everyone behind me was going around. Finally, her daughter got out of the car. My daughter was probably already in her classroom at this point.

Oh am I just ranting because after she waived bye twenty times she held up traffic making a left out of the parking lot when the sign clearly said “right turn only.” I do not understand these people?

I say “Shelby out.” Then as she closes the door I make sure to scream “I love you” and then she walks as fast as she can away from the soccer mom mini-van embarrassment. Teehee.

It’s Tuesday and this is about all I have to share with you – sorry. I am feeling tons better, but still am so tired! I cannot wait to get some energy. I haven’t been grocery shopping in over a month – this fact drives my mom crazy. We have been living in the drive thru – I know…I know. I want to get me back so bad – I really hope I see signs of her soon.

Until then, I promise you will not see me on the five o’clock news after I let the road rage get the best of me.

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