Friday, February 18, 2011

My Last First Date

Is hoping to have her last first date tonight…wishing and hoping and thinking a praying.

One year ago today that was my post on Facebook. It’s been a year, that is amazing to me because it feels like it’s been five years – in a good way.

Our first date - I remember that I wasn’t that nervous probably because JAG was nervous enough for both of us or wait was it me that was nervous. Actually I think we took turns being nervous in hours leading up to our first date. This is where Just a Guy came into play, it was just a comment “don’t be nervous I am just a guy.” There you have it that one statement changed JAG’s life forever or at least that is what I would like to believe.

We decided that coffee would be our first date. That way if we didn’t like each other it was just coffee not the commitment of waiting for a main course. We planned to meet around six something, JAG was diving into town from working the week in Oklahoma. I remember the butterflies I had when I showed up at Starbucks – of course early because that is how I function. JAG, of course, was late. He said due to traffic, but I have learned that is how he functions – always a bit behind schedule. I took the time alone to buy my own coffee, a skinny vanilla latte, and find the perfect table for two by the window. I was wearing my good jeans, a grey sweater, my favorite black pumps and my big silver hoops. I spent extra time to straightening my hair perfectly – so yeah I guess I was a little nervous – I am I was going to meet the man I was going to marry – I was pretty sure for some reason and look I was right!

Anyway, back to JAG. I saw him as he walked through the door and thought “thank goodness he is cuter in person.” Sometimes girls, those guys Photoshop worse then we do – trust me on that one. So, we walked through the door furthest from me – because he couldn’t seem to walk through the main door that wouldn’t be JAG. I let him scan the crowd about three times before I stood up slightly – I just wanted him to sweat a bit.

He came over gave me a hug and proceed to get himself some coffee – a medium (JAG refuses to say grande) regular brew black. When he came back to the table he sat down and proceeded to do the funniest/dorkiest thing ever. He showed me his favorite picture on this phone.

Yeap! It was hilarious – not the picture just that he could not find anything else to say to me at that moment. We spent about an hour having coffee and talking. I made eye contact constantly because he said he liked it or he said he likes a girl’s eyes to sparkle – not sure how I could make that happen so I just stared at him a lot.

Coffee went so well that we headed to dinner. He took me to one of his favorite places and it was wonderful.

Thinking back and knowing my JAG now I know he was nervous and he was lost in thought many times. I think lost in memory of his love before me. He would glance off for a few minutes and then say “you know I am very observant. See your earring isn’t round, it is flat at one point then it goes round. I like that.” I told you he was nervous.

After dinner he drove me back to my car. This has to be the part that still cracks me up today. JAG, in his deep voice said, “I am going to get out the car, walk around open your door help you out and give you a hug. Is that ok?” Haha! This is because I told him I had a horrible date where the guy didn’t even get a hug, hell he didn’t even get a hand shake. I think JAG was nervous that would be just as mean to him, but I wasn’t – I like my JAG!

I went home and posted this
Had a great date! Coffee let to dinner, no drinking, he was a perfect gentleman.

So there you have it.

One Year = the amount of time we have known each others, four months = how long we have been marred, and two months = how pregnant I am. We have accomplished a lot in a short period of time!

This is for my JAG:

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