Thursday, February 17, 2011

At First Sight

You’ve heard the story. It was the weekend of Valentine’s day and I decided that if I could make through that Holiday without a date then I didn’t need one ever again – a little dramatic I know.

I sat at home watching the Sex and City box set my mother had left for me. I got two good bottles of wine, hummus and my favorite salad with goat cheese from Target. It had to have been the best weekend of my single life. I was alone and still content in my own house – my independent house. I knew right then that I could spend the rest of my life single if I needed to. I would no longer search, no longer pine, no longer work so hard to make things work with someone that I knew was not in God’s plans for me. I was a very happy girl.

Then I wandered into my office, checked my email and saw “You have a new match from eHarmony who would like to communicate with you.” My first thought “urgh let’s see what loser they matched me with now.” I logged in and there he was.

JAG's eharmony picture

I remember that his was the most detailed profile I have ever seen. He shared his faith and this story – he just put it all out there. I remember – even though I can’t think of the exact words – that he answered the question “if you had three wishes” with “my wife wouldn’t have been sick” or maybe “I wouldn’t need to be here.” I can’t remember which, but I remember thinking this guy is way to good for me – there is no way that he would like me, but I took my chances and responded.

Now with eHarmony there are 5 steps you go through once they have matched you with someone.
  1. You say yeah I might like that person.
  2. then you send them a list of multiple choice questions. They get them, take a look at you and decide if they want to answer.  Once they answer it’s their turn to send you questions.
  3. Once you are through with the multiple choice you get into the likes and dislikes – which is exactly what it says a list of things you can handle and things you cannot stand.
  4. After that stage it is short essay answer questions.
  5. Once you are through with those then you are given the option for email on eHarmony.

Sometimes you can fast track and skip all of that, but you both have to agree to go that route. JAG and I went through every step and let me tell you that every time we advanced to a new step I just knew that it was over. JAG mastered the short essay section. He wrote me a book with far more information then I ever could have needed which made my two sentence answers looks like something submitted by a fifth grader. We made it though, we made it all the way through – you probably could have guessed that. I believe it took us maybe two full days to get through all of the steps, and then we emailed, then instant messaged, and then spoke by phone.

If you ask either one of us we would say that they are not kidding about the 29 dimensions of compatibility that you hear on commercials. Never once did we feel like we had just met online. Even after the first week we felt it had been at least 6 months. It was wonderfully perfect and has remained that way this entire year.

My eHarmony picture

Yes, I am a walking eHarmony commercial – if you are single and wanting to find someone that is the place to be. Also, through the end of February (2011 of course) they are offering Free Communication! I just thought I would let you know. It is easy, it is wonderful, it’s safer then the others and it is the way we did it! Click anywhere on this blog where it says eHarmony to get the their website.

Now, tomorrow I get to tell you about how I decided to just go meet a guy at a coffee shop which resulted in the naming of my JAG (just a guy).

You know me – I believe without a shadow of a doubt that God knows our beginning and our end. He knows every step and every fall before we face it therefore I am positive I was meant to be in that house alone that weekend and I was meant to check my email at that exact time. I know that God with the assistance of eHarmony brought me my JAG. Just thought y’all should know. You can rely some on eHarmony, but that doesn’t mean you stop praying.

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