Monday, January 3, 2011

Where I Have Been - Part 1

Hello! How are you? Did you have a good Christmas?

I kind of took a week (maybe a bit longer) break. I didn’t even read my favorite people’s blogs – I know right.

Yes, I planned on coming back and I do apologize for just leaving you hanging. Next year I will make sure to fill the space that is Christmas through New Years with some writing.

I got a phone call yesterday from a faithful reader who said “well…you need to get busy with your blog again.” I said “yes mom I know.” I love that her day begins with me.

So it is 2011. Is anyone else looking around thinking “wasn’t it just 2001?” My daughter – my little baby girl – will be ten this year. That does not seem possible – that also means I will be another year old – urgh.

This year will be different, but still the same – are you following me? Here  - on this blog – I will keep on blogging. I plan to bring back WIWW – What I Wore Wednesday. I want to keep up my transparent writing – I want to hold nothing back this year. I also want to make it worth your wild by given you tidbits that you can actually use in our life.

I plan to start posting again at SkinnyTart! I really hope to post there daily as well – I will spare you the battle of the pudge and keep my entire weight loss journey there.

I have a huge list of goals to get through this year that I will include you in on as well as get some of those items off of my bucket list.

But before I can continue – I need to share with you were I have been.

Let’s travel back to December 24, 2010…

On Christmas Eve, JAG had the idea (or tradition) to go to the local Waffle House and have dinner – hmm…waffles and smothered scattered hashbrowns. He told me his idea and included that he planned to leave the waitress a sizable tip as her Christmas gift. I am so ashamed to say – I disagreed with his idea. I stack of bills ran through my head and then conviction hit. I actually had to call my husband back and say “Sorry that was wrong of me” – yes I do say that every once in awhile.

That night we went to church where Shelby was the White Candle in the Advent Wreath – I could kick myself…I have no pictures – just video. Pretty much the White Candle thinks that she doesn’t have to sing or move the entire time – the girl was so nervous I though she was going to pass out. I spent the rest of the evening freaking out and packing enough clothes for a month into suitcases for our trip.

Christmas Morning I woke up before everyone else to clean my kitchen and pack some more. Then on to a few presents before breakfast.

After breakfast with my happy family we went to Church, then we hit the road…headed to Houston  - actually a suburb of Houston. Once in Houston we open presents, ate and had a special Oovoo session with the family. We were all please to learn that JAG’s brother and wife brought home their new son from the hospital. They adopted the most adorable little boy who was born – on our Wedding day – and had been in the hospital since.

Then we started what felt like a whirl wind of a week packed full of fun things.

We packed up and drove about an hour to Galveston Island. I had not been there since I was 7 or 8, so it was all new to me. New and cold – it freezing the day we went – not exactly beach weather, but we had to go touch the water.

Then we dashed over to the Fairy before it departed.

After warming ourselves up with some great local seafood, we headed to Moody Gardens for Christmas lights. It was still cold.

The next morning we woke up and hope to hit the Children’s Museum in Houston before the rush.

We were not the only family who thought this. We only managed to stay enough time to see a few things and for JAG to build me a dream home.

Then we headed for the zoo. It was a beautiful day to be outside – love that Texas weather – one day freezing then next beautiful.

Well, I think that is enough of the slide show for today…more tomorrow!

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  1. My mom always calls to check on me too if I don't blog a day! Loved your recap of your time off. Welcome back!


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