Friday, January 21, 2011

Flash Back Friday: A Whale of a Sweater

Oh the embarrassment!

Let’s see where do I begin, let’s start with the elephant in the room – yes those are whales on my sweater. Oh my, who in the world bought me that and who in the world said “wear this for your pictures.” Wait I know who – my mother!-the woman that I fashioned my hair style after. Can you believe I had my father take me to the woman who did my mother ‘s ‘s and my grandmother and my aunt’s hair and said “I want the same cut as my mom.” What in the world was I thinking? I was in the third grade, too young to make those decisions – my father really should have stopped me.

Let’s also talk about the teeth. Beside the fact I seriously needed some whitening trays you may notice my front teeth were huge. Yeap , aren’t they adorable? I had an accident when I was sixteen that led to a chipped tooth which thank goodness led to my front teeth being filed down. I am so happy for that – I never realized how long they actually were.

Oh enough with my picking the picture apart. I will hand it to myself I was color coordinated with that red ribbon in my hair to match the hearts on the sweater. Who am I kidding? My sister probably held me down and tied to help me no look all that awful.

I am linking up with Christopher and Tia. If you would like to see more flashbacks, then go see them here.


  1. okay now that I'm staring at your teeth, they were REALLY long, weren't they? But I don't know what you're talking about, with the whale sweater. I'd totally rock that, haha.

  2. LOVE that sweater - super cute! I think we all had one of those. I'm your newest follower...via April at The Funky Vintage Kitchen. Super cute blog!

    Come visit!

  3. totally a sweater i would've worn in the third grade! haha! i have big front teeth... broke one of them in 3rd grade... but they just attached a new (fake) one... and so they're still big! haha


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