Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Even Small Projects = Big Deals

Hi…yes I know I have been away from you for a few days. There was no Happiness Project blog posted yesterday and no WIWW posted today (yet, I may post this evening).

You see I am projecting! When JAG and I were preparing for marriage we took one of the myers briggs sort of tests to see what kind of people we were like and if we would kill each other or live peacefully. We learned – we are different, but nicely different and will live peacefully – maybe.

I learned – or didn’t have to be told – that I love projects. While I am not a perfectionist by any means I will and I a quote – or so I remember – “will leave dirty dishes in the sink, but will spend endless time wiping off any crumbs that happen to accumulate on project notebooks.” I laughed – that was so me. Once I am start something I am 110% for at least a week, then life kicks back in.

This week – it is knowing where I came from. No, I am not adopted – I know exactly who my parents are even though my sister spent countless hours trying to tell me otherwise as I a child I know I am a part of this family.

I am talking beyond that.

My Grandmother and My Father
I was contacted on Monday by someone who is researching my dad’s family. They need a few more pieces of their puzzle and in turn they gave me a lot more of mine. Completing my family tree is on my bucket list – I started almost four years ago and then stopped – I have ADD, remember?

So, I am back at it. I love love love love it! I love finding new pieces – and actually hearing some stories. Yesterday I read about a ranch my great grandparents had in a now metropolitan part of Dallas. I learned my grandfather died in his home – I had always thought it was in the field. I learned that my maternal great grandfather died 10 days after my grandmother was born and I saw pictures of a great-great grandparent’s headstone. I want to learn more – I want it compiled all together so that Shelby has it and I want to continue to write. I want family stories for my great-great grandchildren to have access to.

I am sure I don’t need to tell you that this why there have been no other blogs, vlogs or even food journaling – I am obsessed with my family tree. I am sure it will past, but I want to make it a goal to spend at least two hours a week researching and compiling.

And as the test said – I have two project notebooks – one for maternal and one for paternal. This morning milk got spilt on one – I about lost it – I think that test was right on, don’t you?

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