Monday, December 20, 2010

Why the Funk?

If you haven’t notice I have been in a Funk. It is awful – so I am a little over dramatic, but it seems just awful since it is right in the middle of the Holidays.

I am happy to report that I am coming out of it – at the same time JAG is coming out of his awful cold – hmmm my funk could be related to not have my husband as spunky as usual.

We are on the countdown to Christmas here people and all I have to say is

Next Year will be Better.

JAG and I will be in a better mindset. I think that everything is just so overwhelming – I know it is to me. Marriage, tenants, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a garage you can still barely walk through and Christmas cards that are so late – but you should receive them soon.

Next Year – We will NOT BE IN A FUNK.

I think one of the oddest things is how JAG and I overlap. If I am in a funk  he is in a funk and vise versa.  It’s like we have two separate bodies, but share the same emotions somedays. This is good and bad – mostly bad – because when I said “urgh…I am not in the mood for church”, he wasn’t either. The only thing is my man knows better than to miss church. He knows it is like cheating on a diet…that one twix will eventually lead to a belly flop into a gallon for cookies and cream ice cream. If you continue to miss people will eventually say “Remember them they sat over there in front of the AV booth during second service.”  

We did make it to service on Sunday – about 15 minutes late – sorry Pastor, but at least JAG wasn’t reading this weekend or might I say forgetting to read. We prayed on the way to church – I prayed for Pastor to say something moving – sorry for the pressure Pastor. I think JAG prayed we would get there safely since I was driving his car.

You know…both of our prayers were answered. Pastor did speak exactly what I needed to hear and we did in fact get there safely – thank you very much.

So the moral of this rambling crazy entry is…the funk is lifting. Oh and I am also making plans for next year…

Do you think I can fit all of this into my house – for next year?

This is just one picture from Bakerella’s post from today. Go see the rest of it here:

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