Sunday, December 5, 2010

What I Want in 2011.

Can you believe it is only 26 days away?

My Word for 2011 is ORGANIZED! There is a place for everything and everything has its place.

No more of this:

Nope, this isn’t from Hoarders. It is a picture taken last month with my phone to warn JAG about what he would see when he opened the garage door. Now let’s double that load on the left and build it up a little higher on the right to create what is in there today. This is all me…my life, my house, crammed into JAG’s our garage. Wait Darth Vadar on the sewing machinge case to the left proves it's not all me. 

I want this all gone by New Years! I originally said by Thanksgiving – haha.  Everything put where it should go so I don’t have to go dig for a pan or a hair brush.

Besides being able to park in the garage I want weekly menu planning. I want to make one trip to the grocery store per week or even per every two weeks. I want everything planned so we know what we are eating when. I want to cook – not just heat my food again. I said cook…not charbroil…I am working on it.

I want homework time for miss thing! I want her to do it and do it correctly…the first time.

I want Family Devotionals or even family night or even family game night. I don’t want the TV on and I don’t want JAG and I sitting on the sofa each with a laptop doing our own things.

I want an active family – not 50 million places to go, but walks and parks and stuff like that.

Ummm…what else?

Me personally…I want to read, read and bake, and sleep. I love to sleep. So much for being active.

What do you want your 2011 to look like?

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