Monday, December 13, 2010

In Case You Didn’t Know…

In case you didn’t know – I cannot spell. Oh come one don’t act like you didn’t notice that not only have some major grammar issues on some days – I also can barely spell my name. This is what happens when you do not read to your child – sorry mom…you will always be my excuse. That I come by it naturally – another hit at my mom – I expect a phone call.

It was brought to my attention by my husband a loyal reader that Gweedo is not spelled correctly. I had to laugh, as my father says it because of my hooked on phonics way of learning. The reader proceeded to tell me that there are no words that are spelled Gw…well…I guess I have made up my own language because I like the looks of Gweedo.

Speaking of Gweedo, I thought it might be a good time to recap my characters on this blog.

Well first there is Me. I am pretty much the center of attention on this blog.

Then there is Shelby.

Then there is JAG. You can read about why when he was named JAG here. Even though JAG and I are now married – he will always remain JAG on this blog – I am not protecting him – I just like it.

There are My Mom and My Dad.

I also write about JAGdad and MamaB – JAG’s parents. Their names were self created and I love them.

Then there is Gweedo – the xhusband and his wife Mill. What? They are really that happy – I promise.

Through the posts I have thrown in some other people for you to meet like Nicole and Gweedo’s first wife Mibby. Please feel free if you get confused to ask me who I am talking about – sometime I just think you can read my mind.

Oh, fyi, Gweedo is not Italian – insert small laugh here – if you knew him you would understand.

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