Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happiness Project: Being Creative

This week my sewing machine makes me happy! It has been years since I have sewn anything, but I vowed to have somewhat of a handmade Christmas, so I pulled it out and got busy.

It made me even happier to know I can still sew. I guess it is like riding a bike.

Also, even though he drives me batty, this picture made me happy. I love it when he is still and quiet. Look at those paws. He is a year old this month, but I am sure he has a lot more growing to do.

And my retro camera on my cellphone has made me happy this week, if you couldn’t tell.

In case you were here last week I wanted to let you know my Dad is back from MD Anderson. All of his scans and tests were clear! He is cancer free!

Need more happiness this Tuesday…well go see Leah!



  1. Cancer free. What wonderful news.

    And I love the idea of a mostly homemade Christmas.


  2. That is very great news about your father!!

    Sewing makes me happy...well, the thought of sewing makes me happy. I have yet to do any real sewing. One day I want to learn though.


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