Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Friday: Christmas with the Moulders

When I was young our family tradition was to open presents Christmas Eve and then pack up the car to go spend Christmas with the Moulders (my dad’s family). My father, as you might know, is an only child, so Melinda and I were the only kids on Christmas – it was dreamy.

Here is Melinda and I at a very young age with my Great Aunt Mary. We would always spend time at her house in Dallas.

I remember how much I love the Moulder women. Here they are much later – probably when I was about eight. Starting from the left is my Aunt Ann – she was the reason I wanted to teach. Next to her is my Granny and then in the wheel chair is my Aunt Mary.

A little history. Aunt Mary was my grandfather’s sister and Aunt Ann was married to one of the grandfather’s brothers.

Aunt Ann had two sons, but we were closer to Jimmy to whom I almost positive I got my love for photography. This is Melinda and I playing with him. I was probably around six. I love love love my Aunt Mary’s Christmas tree.

This picture was taken by Jimmy on my First Christmas. See how big I was? I was a little less than two months old. In the background you can see my Aunt Ann in the Floor with Melinda. I love this picture.

Part of our tradition was the picture in front of our tree Christmas morning all dressed up holding our favorite Christmas presents ready to walk out the door on the way to the Moulder’s Christmas. Melinda looks sooooo excited.

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  1. I love the outfits!! And oh my gosh, the Moulder women!!!

  2. That first photo is the cutest thing ever...well, that last image is pretty priceless too, that look!
    Sounds like a memorable and festive time, happy holidays!!


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