Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday: Another Christmas Past

Ahhh…First Grade…that was a good year well…Christmas was good. As I remember the year kind of sucked, but I was seven, so what did I know?

Yes, there is that tree I told you about yesterday. It had popcorn and apples – both fake. This tree looked real, so I guess we did have real tree a few times in my life.

This Christmas was all out. Besides the stuffed Dotty Dog – don’t ask me what cartoon she was from I have no idea – this was the year for the Barbie Dream House! And the Barbie RV! I remember falling asleep as my mother and sister stayed up trying to fit all the parts together. Normally my parents would put things together ahead of time, but as I said before this wasn’t the best year.

I love my little ballerina on the tree – only one session on dance classes, but I swore I was a ballerina. I love pink robe and Melinda wearing one of my dad’s t-shirts to sleep in. We were young and innocent then – I loved that Christmas.

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  1. was dotty dog from the get along gang? she looks so familiar but i can't remember. great pic. and the popcorn was fake you say?


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