Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

Recently my sister in-law, Cat, told me that a birthday card isn’t late until a month are your birthday. I hope this rule also implies to thank you notes. I put a majority of them in the mail this morning. I still have a few that I am not sure about. They are the “JAG, who is?” “Were they at the wedding?” “Do you we give a thank you note for this?” “Where is their address?” So, hopefully you all will receive them before you get our Christmas cards.

I wanted to take a couple of posts to say Thank You to some special people. First off I don’t think our wedding would have been complete without this person.
I think my groom looks oh so handsome here!

Dear JAGDad –

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony. It meant so much to your son and to me as well. Thank you for the details and work you put into it to make it oh so perfect.

I have to say, though, when I got to the end of the aisle saw how thick that notebook was I thought to myself “I really thought he was kidding about the 2 hour service.” You may have noticed that every time you turned the page I glanced to get a quick word count. You had me a bit nervous since I was already balling and my shoes that I should have worn more before the wedding were killing my feet. I was told later by a reliable source that most of what was in the notebook was just filler paper, but you did have me sweating it for a minute.

Thank you also for not calling out my blonde moment the night before when I truly believed for a minute or two that you where serious about using tikki torches as unity candles – wait I think I kept that blonde moment to myself. I thought “what kind of family am I marrying into?” Heeehee.

So many people said they started to cry during the service, not because I was crying, but because we included Shelby in our ceremony. I owe you all the credit for including Shelby in the service. It was absolutely perfect.

Every word every moment every second of our ceremony was perfect (except maybe my lack of a Kleenex - lesson learned) and I owe that to you! Thank you so so so much! 

Thank you for allowing me to come into your awesome family! I love you father in-law!
And it actually wasn’t all the uncomfortable to kiss JAG in front of my father in-law. I am glad that he kept it to a peck, though – that would have been very uncomfortable.

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  1. You make me smile. It was my joy to do the wedding. Thanks for asking me. Love to you three!


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