Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letter to JAG

Dear JAG –

Happy Two Week-Aversary!

What have we learned these first two weeks?

We Learned 
~To tell the vet not to feed Duke dog food with chicken. Nasty!
          ~That you know how to kick doors open – I am still positive you did it
            NCIS style.
          ~we should have listened to my mother when she said “better start
  moving soon…time with creep up on you.”
          ~I cry about stupid things.
          ~I say I am “sorry” way too much for no reason at all.
          ~I shouldn’t move furniture alone.
          ~You still are the most patient person ever.
          ~ to not make plans because Shelby will always have a way changing
          ~Shelby has motion sickness too.
          ~that Shelby and I probably do have too many clothes, but you have us
            beat with the number of books you own. I feel like I need a library card
            to go into the office.
          ~ that for some reason I kind of suck at cooking lately.
          ~that I also suck at folding clothes.
          ~and putting them away
          ~and picking them up off of the bathroom floor.
          ~that June Cleaver may never show up.

So here is to two weeks my love and thousands more to come!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Dana... that sounds like me! :) Steve can't ever figure out why I can fold the laundry and put it in the basket, but the clothes never quite make it into the closet or dressers. :) He told me we should sell my dresser. :) And... this is over a year into our marriage... hasn't quite improved, no matter how hard I try. :) June Cleaver missed our house too. :)


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