Saturday, November 6, 2010

It is Only One, but One Big One

As I said yesterday I asked my mother to guest post about my birth. I mean it is the least I could do after posting those horrible pictures of her yesterday.

 Without further ado…my mother-

November 6th, 1977 - First with you, I was huge - my hands, legs and ankles were double their normal size. I waddled like a duck when I walked....I did not gain as much weight as I did with Melinda, but I was much larger.  On your birthday, I started labor about 6:00 AM.  We got ready and dropped Melinda off with mother and headed for the hospital.  My regular OB/GYN was not on call and luckily Dr. May was on call.  We had known him for years.  He and his family were members of our church.  The labor was normal however when they checked the heartbeat, which in those days was with just a regular stethoscope, (no fancy baby heart monitors back then) they thought they heard two heart beats.  The labor room then became crowded with nurses-two listening at a time.  Everyone offering their opinion, was it two babies or only one?  Also back then there were no ultrasounds, no finding out the sex before the delivery day....

We headed for the delivery room and Dr. May told your dad "we are going to prepare for two, just in case". All the blood drained from your dad's face and he was white as a sheet, or is it sheep when he was told you might be twins!!  Dr May also told your dad he could gown-up and join us in the delivery room and your dad said "thanks, but no thanks".
Delivery was normal and when you arrived about 12:30 PM.  Dr. May said "it is only one, but one big one".  You weighted in at 9 lbs 10 1/2 ozs.

You were so sweet and the nurses would bring two bottles when they brought you for feedings.  You would suck down both bottles and all I had to do was lay you up on my shoulder and pat you once and you would burp and go right to sleep.....

In typical fashion I had a few rumors questions I needed to clear up with my mother.
Me: Was this pregnancy planned? heehee.
Mom: Yes it was - I did not want your sister to be an only child

Me: What did my sister think about having another baby around?
Mom: She was really happy unlike my sister who wrote all over the bathroom wall the day they brought me home from the hospital and came in the room and said - "just look what I did"!

Me: Where you hoping I was boy - seriously be honest...I know you were.
Mom: Yes I was kinda hoping for a boy - you know "one of each", but was very happy with my sweet "big" girl.  We had two names picked out - you know this part -  Luke for a boy and, Dana Rae for a girl.  The true story about Dana Rae is - Dana from one of my favorite actors Dana Andrews and the Rae is from a Susan Hayward movie where she was an artist name Rae and she signed her work "rae" - just happened that was your granny's maiden name also....

I am officially in an identity crisis about my middle name. I did not know until she sent me the email yesterday.

Now, a special treat for you! Not only do I Blog, but I have been known to Vlog, so I decided to share with you 33 Things About Me on My 33rd Birthday – Vlog Style!

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