Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If We Win the Next Game

If we when the next game there will be two more weeks of football!
All the players cheered “Yeah.”

If we don’t win then the season is over.
This mom cheered “YAYAYAYAYAAAAA!”

Which made one little girl angry, but oh well! This mother is Done -with a capital D – with cheerleading!

There were good things

Shelby LOVED it!
Shelby was always in the front line because the girl can’t memorize multiplication tables, but she knows her cheers.
Shelby made the most adorable new friends.

All around it was a good experience for her, but at the same time there were tears recently – tears I think as a mother were uncalled for. And no, this mother wasn’t the one crying – I almost did when I saw the heartbreak on the girl’s faces.

Sunday was out big cheer show/competition. Everyone gets a medal – I think they have received trophies in the years past. They also award the top three teams for each division. Those are the awards you want – you work all season for those. They are awarded based on scores given by the board and other cheer coaches.

Most of the parents were prepared to not receive awards this year. We got word that we were scored lower this year then years past. It was explained to us that politics were definitely involved. You see just as in any organization with women involved there is some serious cattiness and cliques – sorry ladies we have all been guilty of this at some point or another in our lives.

What this mother believes totally sucks about the cattiness is our daughters were affected. We were scored low in areas that I know in my heart -and this isn’t just a biased mother- we should not have been. Things like team spirit – which is cheering. These girls cheered through every single game – the entire game. No sitting – no breaks – except a half time. Our coach does not play the game, she is not in the cliques, so we were left out. No trophy for us this year and seven sad girls. I put no blame at all on the coach. I wouldn’t play the game either.

I don’t want to gripe without a resolution – I think that parents should be selected and not cheer coaches to score other teams. You already to do not score on your level, so that would not be an issue, that way the history and cliques will not affect our girls.

URGH…I know…I sound like one of those mothers don’t I? Sorry. I am not trying to say that our team was the best – really I am not – it just seemed a little unfair. Part of me wishes Saturday was the actually competition because our girls rocked – you can see them here.

Could you hear this proud mom screaming! That is what JAG gets for videoing right next to me.

PS the first picture of just Shelby above did make me cry…she looks so much older with make-up. It’s like my baby grew up over night. She isn’t going to wear make up outside of competition anytime soon – her mother can’t handle it.

PSS I do not want cheerleading to be over because of this event. I want it to be over because we normally practice four times a week and then have a game. It is a lot on Shelby and her mother.

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