Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving morning, my husband is still sleeping and I am breathing a sigh of relief that I did not break the TV this morning – it was touch and go for a minute. I have been up for almost an hour. The Stephen jello is in the fridge and I am trying to get motivated to wash the pile of dishes that somehow wound up in the sink overnight – I think there are sink gremlins that dirty all your dishes at night while you sleep. The cold front has hit North Texas – hold on to your hats it is going to be 41 this afternoon – burr. I know that my friends in the North probably just laughing, but the forties is freezing here!
It’s just JAG and I today – and I am a bit hormonal, so expect some sadness and missing Shelby. URGH…they are showing marines in Afghanistan with their signs hoping their family will catch a glimpse of them – tears. I am so thankful our Navy man is home this Thanksgiving and I look forward to talking to him and all of the rest of JAG’s family today via OovoO. My family is all gathering in South Texas and I will miss them too – urgh…maybe this isn’t the best subject for the morning I am a little too emotional.
My plans for today are stuffed turkey breast with cranberry glaze, pumpkin pie and wine with my love. That and moving the last pieces of belongings out of my house – oh that will be lovely – poor JAG. Maybe we will fit in a movie – I want to see that Jake Gillenhall one.
I just have to tell you I am overwhelmed with Thankfulness this year you guys.
First off I am thankful God, thankful for the Bible, thankful for my Faith and the ability to practice my faith with people that I love in a church that has become my family so quickly. I love all my Holy Cross family especially Kathryn, Maria and Debbie – thank you some much for everything you do for me and everyone else. I love you guys!
I am thankful for parents because without them I would not be here – seriously that is a true true statement. I am overwhelmed and oh so thankful that my father is here for another year – urgh tears. I love you daddy even though you are so dang gripy, but life would not be the same if you happy all the time.  With the history of our family I am overjoyed to have you here to spend time with your granddaughter – she thinks you are the bee’s knees. I am not sure if I can type into words how thankful I am for my mother. You probably know we have a different relationship – she is my best friend and I love her – you mom – now that you are reading my blog. I love you so much! Both of you! I know that we are not a big “I Love You” family, but it is good to say at least once a year – heehee.
I give thanks to God for my daughter, Shelby. I am thankful for ever door slam, ever fit and every ounce of drama that that girl delivers to me each day. I am thankful for the bond I have with her. I am thankful that I see so much of me in here and even more of my mother. I am thankful that she has such a big heart even though it gets her in trouble most of the time. I am thankful that she a passion for life. I am also thankful that since she was little she has had a love for God. She has so much spirit in here. Even though she challenges me to a point to where I want to buy her a one way ticket to South Texas  - so that Grammy can deal with the monster she created – I love her LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!
Another BIG shout out to God when I give thanks for my husband, JAG – that still sounds odd “husband.” It is not secret that I feel like a lucky lucky oh so blessed girl. What you have brought into my life during the past months has been amazing. I love you JAG!
I am thankful for my sister. I am thankful that I have one and we are working on it – it’s hard when she is so far away, but I hope to get down there more now that I have a husband who believes in the value of family. Along with my sister, I am thankful for her super adorable, have grown up way to fast sons – Scotty and John David – love you guys! Also, James, Melinda’s wonderful husband.
Let me take a minute and breathe before I say – I am thankful for my new family. My BIG new family. My awesome in-laws. Did I ever tell you that within the first five seconds of meeting my dentists he said – you are marrying into an awesome family – yes he used “awesome.” I said “yep!” because I know they are AWESOME! I look forward to becoming more of a family with you – for you to get to know me and me to know you. I hope to have more phone calls – for more than just “is there cream cheese in Stephen Jello?”
Did I tell you I always wanted a brother – sorry Melinda – I may have shared that in my video for my birthday? I did, badly. I now have three! Along with them I have two awesome sister in-laws and one super adorable best dancer ever ladies’ man nephew.
Sorry…Jessica Simpson was on the Today show briefly…that girl is cooking Thanksgiving dinner in her hotel room – yikes.
Ok, back on track.
Even though it has been a sad year – I am thankful for another year with my Meme. I have been sick, but hope to see her tomorrow. Tears…sorry. I am thankful for the years I have had with her and all the things she has taught me.
I am thankful for all of my extended family. My aunts, uncles and cousins and also all of my new extended family – you all mean so much to me.
“Moby stop licking my good pillows!” I am thankful for the animals – Moby, Gus, Jack and Duke. Yes, Duke. I am thankful for Beau and having had him in my life. I still miss him so much and try my best not to compare him with Duke – because that would just drive me crazy.
Last but not least I am thankful for this blog. Last month I had 1,236 page views from nine, yes nine, different countries. I don’t know if you understand just how awesome that is – I love it. I am so Thankful for YOU!
So now it is time for me to hit those dishes and bake a pie. Hopefully I will get to watch some of the parade even though JAG doesn’t like the Thanksgiving parade – I know, right? I really hope to not watch football all day and hope to unpack some boxes.

I love you all! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family! Remember to tell them you love them and give hugs! Sending a big cyber hug to you!
I am not going to read through this again in hopes to not cry again, so I apologize for typos. 

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