Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Happiness Project: A Sick Day or Two AND SOMETHING SPECIAL!

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Today something actually did make me oh so happy! My old friend - we are not old - we have just known each other for years posted a request for new and used bibles. I jumped on it because my Aunt Becky instilled in me that you do not sale or just recycle a bible - you give it away to someone who needs it. With that being said...I have a few sitting around that I can part with for a good cause. Anyway  back to Jamie. I told her I had two I could send and asked her for more details. Here is some of what she told me.

So, this Thanksgiving we opted out of celebrating it with our family and decided to invite those who are living here alone or without family. From there, I thought about the leftovers we would have ... and combined with how much I really don't like turkey, I thought, "Why not deliver a hot meal to those less fortunate?" I wanted to invite them to our house, but I don't think my husband is ready for something so "radical."

So, I plan on driving around with our guests, hot plates in tow, and find people who are hungry for God's word. How ever many Bibles I can collect, I have committed to delivering that many plates ... at least. I'm hoping for at least five, but I'm sure with God's blessing, we can reach much more than that. : ) God has placed these people on my heart and I would like to continue this in years to come. : )

Don't you just love it? I love love love it when someone shares their faith with others. I am sending my bibles to South Texas. How about you? Do you have bibles in your home that you are not using - now do not send the only bible you have - you need that one, but if you have been given gift bibles or picked up used ones as I have and would like to donate then please email me at dana.bahn@yahoo.com and will give you shipping address. Lets give Jamie way more to five to pass out this year or all through the year!  I love you Jamie and am so proud of you!!

Now for the post I wrote this morning:
You should find happiness in everything right? Or is that Joy? But isn’t Joy happiness? Oh forgive me I am sick – yuck nasty headache runny nose couching sick.
Yet this morning I felt I still needed to find the happiness of today! Today soft Kleenexes, a warm bed, a lap top and the ability to work from home make me happy. Though, I am going to sleep much of the day – or at least try. I also have to drink tons of water – or so Dr. JAG says – today.

Did you know happiness is contagious? No, not like my cold – go get your fill of happiness at Leigh’s.


  1. Way to find the bright side. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Cute post. Hope you get well soon!


  3. Puffs with Aloe always make my nose happy. I hope that you feel better soon.


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