Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ancient Things and America

It was the last chance to complete this project with Shelby before she was swept away to spend Thanksgiving with Gweedo and his family. The first time I saw this project on Shawni’s blog I knew I had to put it on my list of things to do with my family.  I had been putting it off and then have been sick for almost two weeks, but I grabbed a box of Kleenexes and sucked it up. I had to have this done last night – HAD TO and I am so glad I did.
I was lucky that it feel into the theme for Mama Cat’s Writing prompt for this week. It was perfect – ask your child what they think Thanksgiving is and what they are thankful for.
First off for the past three weeks the public school system has been pounding the meaning of Thanksgiving into Shelby’s head. She knows names I have never heard of and locations I didn’t even know exists. Of course, JAG knows all the details – all I know is the pilgrims and the Indians and the true story about Christopher Columbus – American Literature it was eye opening.
In true Shelby fashion when she was asked what Thanksgiving was about she cleared her throat, folded her hands and proceed to say that  “it is the day where we think about all the things we are thankful for”. Then she continued with the Pilgrim and Indian story and how they wanted to have their own religion. She knew all the details prompted by JAG to include all the correct names. Me? Well I was kind of stuck in the middle with my mouth open.
After I spent some time trying to determine if they just teach more these days or if I didn’t retain anything from elementary school we moved onto our thankful list. Each of us got one piece of paper to write our list, compare and create our tree. Shelby was oh so proud that she schooled us in the Thankful department. Here twenty one items more than doubled what I had – not that I am not thankful, but I was also working on the tree.  Shelby’s list was very original. She had the expected mom and dads – yeap dads. Shelby also had things that I thought were so adorable here are a few.

She had “ancient stuff.” She explains this as “all the stuff we got from Meme,” so she mean antiques.
She had Cypress which is where JAG’s parents live and where we will be spending Christmas.
It was a good night, good times with my family.
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