Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yes, I’ve been Published!!

I have to admit when I was creating my Bucket List I did review a few others’s lists. Multiple times I read “get published” or “get my work published”. I guess I am lucky enough to say “I have been published” little heehe…

I was a photographer for my high school newspaper and every once in awhile I was allowed to write. Now, let me tell you so you will be oh so impressed that our school newspaper was published in the local newspaper, Port Isabel-South Padre Island Press. I know – you are so impressed, right? So I actually have been published if you look at the way I do – and that is the way you should.

Here is a sampling of my extreme talent at a 16 year old journalist.

The article ran on Thursday, September 29, 1994

ISS Report
By Dana Moulder

Last week I had the pleasure of spending three days in ISS. The room in which it was held was very boring. There were bare walls and a few desks. You could not talk, eat, or leave your seat.

The advisor, Mr. Gonzales, said “I plan of getting my degree by being here. I can also do my homework for college. But while I’m here I’ll try to achieve my goal of making it a living hell for the students who come to visit me.”

Laura Biegel, Junior, had many opinions of ISS. She got caught skipping a couple of days before. She said, “it’s cold and it makes you depressed because you can hear all your friends going down the halls in between classes. Yet I would like to spend the rest of the school year here, so I would not have to put up with anyone else’s head trips.”

This reporter is happy that she is finally out and hopes to never go back again.  

I really don’t understand why that piece was not pick up by the New York Times, needless to say I stuck with my camera and never really excelled in school newspaper journalism.

Just in case you were wondering, ISS is In School Suspension. I was in there because I skipped school as well. I tried to play the goody two shoes role with that last line, but in all honesty I wanted to spend the rest of my school year in that little room as well. Someday I will talk about bullying and the hell that was my time in High School in South Texas, but this published journalist would rather save that for another day.

Just so you know...I didn't go searching for this article. I found it last week when I was packing. I am not that vain.

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