Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

This week is embarrassing. I am so angry at myself for taking and now posting yucky quality pictures. I really need to find a way to do this with my good camera and not my cell phone, but anyway here you go.


Green Top Moreno from Target
Black Capris George from Wal-Mart
No jewelry, but my watch which is fossil and my engagement ring
Thoughts: I had a poopy day last Thursday. It was one of those no makeup and no time for hair wish I would I called in sick days.

Black stripped shirt snagged from my mother
Trusty old Levis jeans
I don’t remember what shoes I was wearing.
Thoughts: that top will make a great maternity top in the future, but I probably shouldn’t wear until then.

Football t-shirt. Go Bengals!
Trusty Levis Jeans
New balance tennis shoes that are about seven years old.
Earrings Premier Designs
And a crazy faced girl.
Thoughts: My only thought is – who is the world taught Shelby to make that face.

Jean Jacket from Coldwater Creek
Brown Top is Moreno from Target
Trusty Levis (yes they had been washed)
That silly girl again
Thoughts: I wish I had pictures of the cute outfit I wore to church and to my shower that day. I will have to wear it again.


Cardigan almost nine years old.
White Shirt Moreno from Target on Clearance for $2.50
Black Capris George from Wal-Mart
Black Sandals Dr. Scholl’s
Cream Rose Earrings from Funky Vintage Kitchen
Necklace from Stella and Dot
Thoughts: I love the cardigan. I bought it for a job interview right after Shelby was born. I can’t seem to part with it.


Mustard Sweater Mossimo thrifted
Black Pants unsure where I got them
White Top is Liz Claiborne from TJ Maxx
Black Heels are Jessica Simpson from Dillard’s
Leopard Earrings I think I dug them out of a bunch of stuff my aunt gave me for a garage sale.
Thoughts: That Sweater sheds like crazy. I will never wear it again with black pants.


Blue top by Mossimo thrifted
Cream Tank by Mossimo from Target
Brown Pants I have no idea where these came from.
Cream flats American Eagle form Payless.
Thoughts: I felt like a complete fashion victim.  My pants are too big and I could not seem to locate the shoes I wanted to wear.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have difficulty using my phone too. :) Like your sandals. BTW, Plato's closet is great...I don't have one near where I live now which is sad. We had one in NY. You should definitely check it out. :)

  2. that color of green looks great on you! ~~MCF

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I LOVE to read my readers comments :)

    And definitely get the most wear out of those flipflops now, winter is on it's way! (Yes, I know Fall only just started =])

    Just Better Together

  4. love your cream flats from payless. Those are super cute!!

  5. I love that long mustard cardigan! I must have at least 6 long cardigans, and I just bought another one. Also, you look great in that pink/red color...

    See you next week!


  6. Love the green color and that mustard sweater! Love to see another Target and thrifting fan!

  7. Thanks for the comment!

    I love that you have a sass-o-rama bathroom in which to take your pics!


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