Monday, October 4, 2010

No-No Breakfast

Yeap…two posts in one day so that I can show NieNie (Stephanie Nielson) my favorite No-No breakfast.
My nephew getting ready to dig in
Unfortunately, I only eat this when I go home to see my sister and parents. It is a big yummy greasy buttery tortillay-making it up as I go – breakfast taco from Manuel’s in Port Isabel, TX.

In my heart this place is World Famous! People should drive eight plus hours as I do to cram into the little hole in the wall restaurant in Port Isabel – which if you don’t know is where I went to school (age 12 to 17 I believe). Yummm. This is a breakfast that can be split into two meals. You either share or save it for lunch or hell eat it ALL!!! Now I am starving!

I don’t believe that they have a website, but I could be wrong. Go here to visit them on Facebook. If you are ever in South Texas go see them I promise it is worth the drive and worth the wait.

Make sure to go visit NieNie on blogher and see other no-no breakfasts! You can find her here.

***side note…it took me like 5 attempts to spell “restaurant” correctly enough for spell check to tell me the correct spelling. There is something about that world that causes me to never be able to spell it correctly. I cannot believe I just admitted that - see there I do keep it Real! 

***Another side note for my mother (and anyone else) if I say "go here" then use your mouse to click on the word "here" it will take you to another website...just thought I need to give you a refresher.

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