Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Traditions

Shelby and I decided last year after taking a year off that we should be able to continue Fall traditions without Gweedo. I mean they were more our (me & Shelby’s) traditions then they were a “family” tradition. So after missing one year of the pumpkin patch we decided to start up the tradition again last year.

This year we started a new (but still old) tradition when we invite JAG to come along with us. Shelby was shocked that he had never been to a PummmKinn (as Shelby says) before. He didn’t have the “oh I absolutely love it” reaction I had hoped for, but he was tired, so maybe next year he will be more willing to do the pumpkin patch dance (which is a our version of the cabbage patch).

I love the pumpkin patch especially during the first weekend they open. There are pumpkins galore and they are all still pretty. I love the smell of kettle corn and corn dogs and seeing all the adorable babies celebrating their first Halloween. I really do love Fall and this is the event that kicks it off for me. I now want to decorate with fall leaves and bake pumpkin bread.

Here are some pictures from this year.

JAG took this one on the hayride and he is is my favortie.

I love this picture!

And in typical me fashion, here are pictures from pumpkin patch pasts.



What are your Fall Traditions?

Wanna know what patch we have gone to for the past six years, visit their webiste here.

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