Saturday, October 16, 2010

Confession: I Commit a Sin

Oh…you were hoping for a list of them? Well…maybe later. I all seriousness, though, I have envy – jealously – I covet – how ever you want to say it – I am jealous of Stacy At Home Moms – Domestic Engineers or whatever the pc term is this year.

Oh, if I could stay at home – there would be minimal soap opera and talk show watching. I would cook, I would clean, I would be in those mom’s groups, I would go to daytime bible study, Shelby would know her multiplication tables – oh wait – She would be HOME SCHOOLED!!! I would study. There would never be dirty laundry – ahhhh life would be perfect.

Wait – before you attack. I so know that the position isn’t all rainbows and rice krispie treats, but there would be things I wouldn’t miss. I would actually go on field trips – if she wasn’t home schooled. We wouldn’t rush been school and practice to get in home work with just enough time to shove a corn dog at her as we walk out the door. I would be able to spend more time at the table – in conversation that Shelby so craves. I would be more patient about homework because we would have more time.
Shelby finishing her Corn Dog and chips dinner  - yeap it's that bad

I wouldn’t stress to get as much laundry as I can get done, done before we have to go to the next practice, game or meeting. Shelby would be able to be involved in the activities she wants and I would be there un-stressed. I am already there, but I little frazzled at the moment.

And Crafts!!! I see women doing crafts with their children – meh…

I wish I had the opportunity, but not so much that I am going to throw a fit to make it happen. I want my family provided for and therefore I work. Maybe someday…maybe not. My mom only stayed at home a year with me – that year rocked remember mom? – and I turned out just fine with her working.

So there – all my stay at home friends – you know who you are. The organized one who never buys anything without a coupon, the two that get to go shopping together while I work and the ones who are oh so talented in so many ways – I AM JEALOUS OF YOU!!! I wish I could say “Get back to work outside of the home, so I will feel better,” but I know that will never happen and I wouldn’t want it to, you all are blessed to have this time. I will continue to think of you – nicely, yes nicely – as I sit at my desk in the 3rd Floor of and office building and work. Meh.

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  1. im a stay at home mom, not by choice but by this crappy economy. I wish I could do all that stuff too, truth is, I get so busy doing stuff like cleaning the house, moping the floors, that I don't get the chance to do the laundry, so it piles up, or if im doing it in between, i dont get a chance to fold it, so they are all wrinkly by the time I get to it. last week we had a total of 3 american meals..mac and cheese and hot dogs. frozen chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, and spagetti..the rest of the days were leftovers, because i didn't have time to fix a extravagant meal. i have yet to do crafts with my son, and my house always seems messy even if i just spent the entire day de-dusting it. I dont have a tv so no cable watching for me.. and I just had a conference with my sons teacher with her telling me what a delightful child he is, except he's way behind. so he doesn't quite get all the homeschooling abilities even though i try to spend as much time working with him as i can. so..i guess what it all boils down to.. some of us stay at home moms are jealous of those organized wonderful tv moms..what i wouldn't give for a few more hours of daylight to accomplish something, then be able to sit down and look around and i did awesome!


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