Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confession: I am no Cosmetologist

First let me say and provide proof I am a natural red head. I was born with it and I still have naturally – some what.

My great aunt Nene – the only relative I had met with red hair – told me that in order to keep your red hair you had to comb your hair every morning with a red comb. I was maybe eight when she told me this, but I knew exactly what she meant because my mother had been combing her hair with a blonde comb for years. Hair dye was the key to that colored comb. You see, beside red hair I was blessed with pre-mature graying – not as bad as my mother, but bad enough that I could at least once a month.

Now back in the day I used to go and drop the money to have it colored, these days I select a little box off a shelf and do it myself. In my early twenties I wanted blonde hair so bad, but would not paid to have my hair stripped and died blonde, so I just used blonde dye – therefore I was strawberry blonde. When I was 30 I went two-toned with a lovely bleach blonde and Burgandy, then Cherry Red, then Black. Yeap, my mother wanted to kill me.

I have to step back and laugh at myself when I go through issues like I did last night. I decided to go more Red then Auburn because someone – Nicole- said “keep it red” after seeing my bridal portraits. I am sure she did not mean this red. As I was coloring my hair I was talking to JAG on ooVoo, so he was “there” witness me dripping red hair dye on the cream bath mats – sorry. You should have seen the shower curtain once I was done washing it out – looked like someone had been…well lets just say lost a lot of blood all over the walls.

All of this didn’t prepare me for when the steam cleared and I took the towel of my head --- oops. Not only is it a shade just lighter then Ronald McDonald, I missed a spot on the side of my head – I hate it when that happens.

I have two weeks for it to fade – oh please please fade! There will be lots of hot showers in my future – hot water makes red fade.

So there – another confession for you – I color my hair and I don’t do it well. I am no Cosmetologist -I need to remember this when I decided I am going to go for a new color while at the grocery store. 

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